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Harry Randle Marsh is a writer from Hastings, East Sussex England launching his debut novel The Red Mare. The book is a combination of his two loves, gripping, psychological stories with a dark tone and the dramatic coastline and seafaring culture he was raised amongst.


Storytelling by the pub fire of strange and far places forged a love of fantasy which carried Harry on to studying English literature and creative writing at Aberystwyth University on the Welsh coast. It was when the Covid pandemic

struck that he decided to embark on his first work, inspired by modern fantasy authors like Joe Abercrombie and George R. R. Martin. He set out to draw on all he had learned to create a new landscape, and tales to fill it, that stayed true to his nautical vision. 

Currently Harry lives in Brescia, nestled in the Italian mountains with his wonderful partner Ilaria and their two cats. In the time spent not writing in a flood of inspiration or dejectedly tearing pages away, Harry involves himself in musical projects with the help of a great many talented souls he has gathered on the road. 

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